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Get Certified as a Wellness and Supportive Care Provider

SupportiveCareNetwork providers are certified on high quality integrated advanced care standards based on proven results for taking care of people diagnosed with a serious, chronic condition, from heart failure to cancer or stroke. Our proprietary quality standards are continuously renewed by the latest innovative research in this field.

SupportiveCareNetwork Providers Stand Above the Rest of the Field

As a SupportiveCareNetwork provider, you will be recognized for being able to achieve quality standards that improve patient care outcomes, produce higher patient and family satisfaction, and can lower the cost of care.

  • Recognized for meeting Triple Aim objectives
  • Top pick as preferred provider
  • Likely expedited contractual relationships
  • Preferred provider for patient referrals

Our Vision

SupportiveCareNetwork aims to create a network of qualified providers across a continuum of care settings that can deliver the medically appropriate wellness care outcomes for serious and chronically ill populations in every region across the U.S. We are equipped as and can be the change agents to bring about an integrated network of care providers that uphold a common set of quality care standards based on evidence-based research, by traversing existing industry silos that separate patient care by payer source and care setting.

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CME/CEU Training

Multi-media approach for more effective learning: from on-demand videos to interactive classroom sessions and real-time patient interactions.

Our Wellness and Supportive Care training is designed to be highly interactive and experiential: you learn by doing. Our philosophy for patient care is outcomes-driven, not activity-based. This mindset extends even to our training: the video series is role-based, so you can see how an effective family meeting is set up or conducted. The classroom training encourages a high degree of participant engagement. The evaluation for success is not a paper exam, but the outcomes which can be achieved by the participant through interactions with real patients.

supportive care network services

Supportive Care Program Design, Consultation and Implementation

Benefit from launching an integrated supportive care program at your institution.

Are you a hospital, medical group or insurance company? Let our Supportive Care team show you the benefits of launching an integrated supportive care program at your institution for managing your high risk patient population. Our data shows significant reduction and elimination of medically inappropriate ER visits and hospital re-admissions, shorter lengths of stay and higher profitability on your top DRGs. Our unique approach produces high level of buy-in from your top admitting physicians, more grateful patients and families and more satisfied providers. It is truly a win-win-win for the institution, your providers and your patients and families.

supportive care network services

Wellness and Supportive Care Visits

Need help with individual patients?

Our corps of community-based MDs and NPs are available to make Wellness and Supportive Care home visits to help with transitional care management, chronic disease management, pain and other symptom management, medications management, advance care planning, and a whole host of psychosocial assessment, social services referrals, and spiritual counseling that comprise a truly integrated whole-person approach that has proven to yield better outcomes, higher satisfaction and lower costs among our patient population.

SupportiveCareNetwork Information System (SCNIS)

A simple, compliant and effective patient referrals and outcomes tracking system

SupportiveCareNetwork information system is a web-based, HIPAA compliant patient management and communications system that makes it easy for the patient, family and their team of providers to share key documents across organization and care settings. From the patient’s care plans and medications lists to physician’s orders for life sustaining treatments (POLSTs) and advance directives, SCNIS provides key data on a 24/7 basis so that the best care can be given to meet the patient’s needs.

Our Mission

SupportiveCareNetwork is an independent educating and consulting organization which aims to advise, educate and demonstrate how to achieve the highest quality care outcomes and the highest level of patient and family satisfaction while reducing the cost of futile medical treatments. Our aim is to work with entities that have a need to improve wellness care outcomes for a serious and chronically ill population and to minimize the financial risk associated with managing such high need populations. Our work is based on a proven evidence-based approach that is continuously being refined through research that produces new insights.

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A Wellness and Supportive Care Approach to Managing High Risk Patient Populations

Truly integrated, multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who provide whole-person, advanced care to patients and families across care settings.

SupportiveCareNetwork trains and certifies high-quality healthcare professionals to deliver integrated wellness and supportive care, especially to high risk patient populations.

Evidence-based Approach

Our proprietary evidence-based approach enables our network of institution- and community-based healthcare providers to achieve the Triple Aim of better patient outcomes, high patient and family satisfaction and lower costs of care.

SupportiveCareNetwork Information System

Our proprietary SupportiveCareNetwork Information System (SCNIS) is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based system designed to track and monitor patient care outcomes. Access to SCNIS is role-specific and strictly authenticated. Once given authorized access, hospital administrators, doctors and specialists on the patient’s care team, and other authorized caregivers can gain real-time access to important patient care information and documentation across different computing and mobile devices to achieve an unprecedented level of patient data interoperability.

Katrina Ling

Chief Strategist and Financial Officer

Ms. Ling is an international speaker and consultant on Blue Ocean Strategy, a ground-breaking new strategic approach for building innovative solutions that achieve higher value at lower costs. In today’s healthcare environment, Ms. Ling’s proven ability to build innovative business models has made her a trusted advisor to senior executives in hospitals, clinics, medical groups, health plans, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, public health agencies and leading healthcare foundations. Ms. Ling holds a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry and a Masters in Strategy and Finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nicholas Jauregui

Chief Medical Officer

Nicholas Jauregui MD is a recognized expert in developing and managing programs in wellness and supportive care for healthcare organizations.  Dr. Jauregui has served as the Chief Investigator for multiple large research studies discovering the key elements of achieving higher quality care and higher patient and family satisfaction at a lower cost for patient populations dealing with serious and chronic illnesses. Research study grants include 3 studies funded by the UniHealth Foundation. He has served as an expert witness in palliative care for the California court and is a highly sought after speaker and consultant for healthcare providers seeking to build a successful wellness and supportive care program that is outcomes-driven and is highly differentiated from other wellness, supportive care and palliative programs. Among medical directors in the healthcare community, Dr Jauregui is known as the key physician who can achieve the best outcomes for patients and families even on the toughest cases.  He earned his Medical Degree from University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and is board certified in Family Medicine, Palliative Medicine and as a physician executive with the American College of Physician executives. Nicholas Jauregui MD currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the SupportiveCareNetwork.

Liviu Chindris, M.D.


Liviu Chindris is a Primary Care Physician and Surgeon who has developed extensive experience in providing wellness and supportive care to serious and chronically ill patients. For nearly three decades, Dr Chindris has been motivated by the care and compassion he can provide for patients and families who want to live to their highest potential despite being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, such as organ failure or cancer. Through SupportiveCareNetwork, Dr Chindris sees the opportunity to share his life-long passion and knowledge with community providers in the form of education, research and best practices. Dr Chindris holds a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania, and completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the Brooklyn Hospital and Mercy Hospital in New York.

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Our Values

First and foremost, we want to achieve the best medically appropriate outcomes for our patients, families and their providers. We have and will continue to work with any provider who is willing to meet our standards and is open to continuous improvement. We value shared learning, patient-centered decision making and are inclusive, not competitive, with qualified care providers.


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